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    Traffic Calming on London Road

    We commenced discussing potential site access arrangements with Herts County Council in 2017 when the land was initially in a draft local plan for development.


    A full T junction was requested by the County Council Highways Department and the site layout was positioned in the current location and passed an independent safety audit.


    However, during the recent Zoom meeting with the Parish Councilors, concern was expressed that the speeds along the London Road are quite excessive despite the fact that there is a 30mph limit along a substantial part of the road from Hitchin to past Sperberry Hill junction.


    We commissioned traffic Engineers to provide alternative solutions including a mini roundabout and an improved T-junction with additional traffic calming. We have a set amount to spend on highways improvements and this sets the parameters of what we can do.

    Option 1 – Mini Roundabout


    We were surprised to see the results of the study showing that a new mini roundabout with three arms providing access to the site would reduce the overall speed by 1mph to 38mph and will reduce the speed when cars are entering or exiting the site.


    Due to the cost and the space taken up by a mini roundabout there would be no further funding for additional traffic calming.


    Option 2 – T-junction with road calming


    Road calming measures would accompany a priority T-junction and result in a 5mph reduction.


    This would include:

    • Red tarmac on the approach to the junction
    • 30mph roundels
    • A central chevron and painted lines to give the visual impression that the road is narrowing
    • Painting to look like speed humps
    • Additional radar signs telling drivers they are over 30mph
    • Two new bus stops outside the site
    • Central refuge island for pedestrians

    Vote on Traffic Calming Options

    We are therefore asking you as the local residents to visit the London Road Improvements section on our website and vote for your preferred option.
    We are committed to provide whatever option you vote for.