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    The designs of the new housing

    London Road Frontage


    The London Road Frontage comprises a series of buildings, mostly terraced, designed to emulate agricultural groupings, to complement the historic setting of the listed Pound Farm so that when you drive along London Road, the change from countryside to built-up area is gradual.

    View east along London Road towards site access

    Main Street


    Houses linked by carports to create an informal village street character, accented by the curving alignment of the street made up of two storey houses with a variety of architectural styles.

    Illustrative street elevation from the Main Street character area

    Central Square


    A formal green square as focal point for the whole development. Some buildings of 2 ½ story height with Georgian inspired architecture. This area would create the impression of a traditional village green.

    View across the square from the east

    Back Lanes


    Typical terraced homes and apartments familiar to many villages across Hertfordshire. Private gardens and balconies to enjoy by residents and all homes will benefit from ample parking unlike their Victorian predecessors.

    Illustrative street elevation from the Back Lanes character area

    Green Edge


    Larger, detached houses around the perimeter of the site, overlooking the surrounding landscape. These houses are designed to fit in with the local character of houses set in a countryside setting and blend the built-up area with the open countryside.

    Illustrative street elevation from the homes on the Green Edge character area