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    What is being planned for Pound Fields?


    In line with the NHDC Local Plan the 8.15 acre site off London Road in the Parish of St Ippolyts will have 84 new homes varying in size from 2 – 5 bedrooms, of which 40% will be affordable for first-time buyers, young families and key workers such as nurses and teachers.


    Of the affordable housing some will be for sale while some will be for affordable rent.


    The development will also provide a number of associated benefits, including:


    • A new open space for the whole community,
    • New play areas for children
    • Retention of all healthy trees
    • Extensive tree planting throughout the site
    • Restoration of the hedgerows on site

    Ecological improvements and biodiversity


    Osprey Homes has undertaken a thorough ecological survey of the site. There is a landscape corridor to the north of the site, a large wooded area to the north-east and north-west with a line of large mature trees in between that include Maple, Sycamore, Alder, Ash, Pine, Fir and Oak. There are also hedges to part of the northern edge of the site.


    The boundary with London Road consists of a native hedge with a number of small trees within it, this provides less screening to the site than the other boundaries.


    To the southern boundary there is a significant band of mature trees that include Oak, Ash, Hawthorn, Maple, Fir & Pine trees. The tree survey shows a buffer of hedgerow planting. Beyond this and adjacent to the farm buildings / house is further dense boundary planting.

    All the healthy trees will be kept and where trees have to be removed for safety grounds they will be replaced. The gardens of each house will have a new tree planted in it by Osprey Homes, as standard. The hedgerows will also be restored and maintained.


    All these improvements, in conjunction with the natural drainage ponds being created, will contribute to the overall improvement of biodiversity on the site, creating habitats for many more creatures.


    All the new homes will be built to the highest sustainability specifications with electric vehicle charging points at every house and sustainable heat sourcing. We are also exploring further road calming measures and we will give you, the local residents, the opportunity to consider what road calming measures you want on London Road and then take a vote on it.


    Housing for all


    In relation to the details of the proposed design of the site, the surrounding neighbourhood is predominantly made up of larger family homes and on this development we will be providing some smaller units for people who want to down-size and remain in the area.

    Other elements of the proposal include:

    • A central square in the development for new and existing residents to enjoy,
    • 131 car parking spaces (as required by policy) and secure cycle storage,
    • Vehicle access off London Road, pedestrian and cycle access connecting to local networks,
    • Refuse/recycling storage for every home,
    • Landscaping including a tree in every garden,
    • Replanting of damaged hedgerows on the site,
    • The creation of open spaces and tree planting on the Green Belt edge,
    • New play areas for children,
    • A sustainable drainage system turning the rainwater from the site into a new wetlands habitat
    • Sustainable infrastructure with electric vehicle charging points and sustainable heating,
    • Majority of dwellings are 2 storeys in height to minimise visual impact on neighbouring dwellings and views within the Green Belt (the land falls away so existing houses will retain some views)
    • The designs will be sympathetic with the existing historic architecture in St Ippolyts and will be built out of traditional materials such as brick and wood with tile roofs.
    • The buildings at the front of the site will be designed to look like traditional farm buildings such as barns and other farm buildings to create the transition from the built-up area to the countryside next to the site.