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    Master Plan

    1. New vehicle access from London Road, the only access to the site.
    2. Main tree-lined route through the site to central square and ponds beyond
    3. Cross street running north-south on the line of the existing sewer, passing through central square
    4. Secondary roads and lanes around the site with hedges and trees
    5. New homes designed to look like older barns and farm-houses along London Road to complement the listed Pound Farm buildings to the south
    6. Village character development taking design ideas from St Ippolyts along main routes, again focussing on the central square. We will look in more detail at the proposed designs and different characters of the development later in this presentation
    7. Detached housing to north, east and south edges overlooking surrounding countryside
    8. Housing in the courtyards behind the street frontages
    9. Landscaping buffers in the form of restored traditional hedgerows to the southern edge and London Road frontage
    10. Green open spaces to northern boundary with neighbouring houses, southern and eastern edges to create a soft edge with the open countryside and protect the Green Belt
    11. Central green square provides focal point of the development – a space for existing and new residents
    12. Pedestrian links to surrounding development to enhance safety and help the new development to blend in
    13. Childrens play area located in northern open space – sited so that residents on Ash Drive, Larch Avenue, Sycamore Close etc. also benefit from the new play area
    14. SuDS pond located in the lowest area of the site to prevent flooding but also to create new wetland habitats and thereby improving biodiversity in the area.We will now take a closer look at the different aspects of this plan starting with the London Road frontage